Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) has an 80% interest in the Bokamoso Private Hospital Trust (BPHT), which owns and operates Bokamoso Private Hospital (BPH).This initiative was aimed at improving access to quality private hospital services by BPOMAS Scheme members, beneficiaries and the public.

The BPOMAS has supported the Bokamoso Private Hospital financially since its inception in January 2010 with the expectation that the BPH’s financial performance will improve with time.  However, the financial performance of the BPH did not improve.

In view of the foregoing, BPOMAS petitioned the High Court of Botswana seeking an order placing the Bokamoso Private Hospital Trust under provisional sequestration. The said order was granted by the High Court on 12 January 2011 and provided that;  

  • The Bokamoso Private Hospital Trust be placed under provisional sequestration, and this position be reviewed by the Court on 30 June 2011.
  • The Provisional Trustees appointed by the Court be empowered to carry on and/or discontinue and/or suspend any part of the business of the BPHT as they consider fit.

The essence of this move by BPOMAS is to allow for implementation of appropriate and quick turnaround strategies that would result in improved financial performance and sustainability of the BPH. Thus the intended result is to see the BPH coming out of this process as a viable and self sustaining entity.

The Provisional Trustees appointed by the High Court will, among others, operate and manage the hospital, as well as do all that is necessary in the best interest of all creditors, patients, BPH employees, the current beneficiaries of the BPHT, , general public, Government of Botswana and other stakeholders.

Despite the financial exposure of BPOMAS in the BPH, BPOMAS would like to reassure its current and prospective members and their dependants, as well as other stakeholders that it continues to operate from a sound financial position and has enough funds to pay claims submitted by service providers (hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, laboratories etc), and scheme beneficiaries, as well as meet all its other obligations.   

In addition, BPOMAS would like to take this opportunity to advise its members, beneficiaries and the public to continue to use the Bokamoso Private Hospital for their healthcare needs.

BPOMAS remains fully committed to cooperating with the High Court appointed Provisional Trustees in finding ways and means of assisting the BPHT out of its current financial difficulties, as well as continually providing its members, beneficiaries, service providers and other stakeholders with quality service and peace of mind.

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